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Welcome to zhuhai asset intelligent technology Co., Ltd!
About asset
Zhuhai asset intelligent technology Co., Ltd
Asset is a professional electrical automation system integration and technical services of high-tech enterprises. Mainly in the field of automation system development, sales, integration, mainly to provide production aut ...
Business philosophy
The company's management team and all the staff through the common values linked together, which embodies our staff around the common goal of co-opera ...
Our product
Integration of industrial automation system
Integration of industrial automation system is an innovative industrial production solution, which specifically refers to the integrated use of control theory, ...
The core of PLC control system
The core of PLC control system can control the soft starter control panel, frequency converter, motor and valve inside the electric panel directly or indirectly ...
Feature of Servomechanism
Servomechanism, also known as servo system, is a feedback control system which is used to accurately follow or reproduce a process. Servomechanism let the outp ...
The frequency converter panel
The frequency converter panel is mainly used to control the speed of motor, stabilize the device and reduce the damage of the high current generated by the devi ...
Our solution

We are committed to the application and dissemination of advanced industrial automation technology, with the advantages of industrial automation in the field of technology to provide customers with reliable industrial automation and control sys

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About us
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Business philosophy
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Integration of industrial automation system
The core of PLC control system
Feature of Servomechanism
The frequency converter panel
AE automatic control box
The non-standard equipment control panel
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